What's in a name?

Hello again everyone - firstly I want to apologise for the appearance of the blog lately. It seems the template I use has had the images deleted from Flickr, I need to play around with the coding a little.

In the Artfire forums, there is a grea thread going about how you decided the name of your store. I am not sure if I have ever really told you? Well here goes....

When I set up Butterfly-Crafts in late 2008 I wanted a name that reflected me and my idea. I chose Butterfly-Crafts because I adore beautiful butterflies, I think they are so delicate and pretty and I could sit and watch them in the garden for hours.

But it runs a little deeper than that! In its lifetime a butterfly goes through a few life changes! It starts off as a catterpillar and then a chrysalis before finally transforming into a butterfly. I feel a little similar.

In my day job I feel like i can never keep up with what i need to do, like I need a hundred pairs of hands and it is never quite good enough. But once the click hits 5.30pm I leave the office and shut my eyes on the commute home, as if I am going into my shell to become a chrysalis. When I get home (after a minimum of 90mins commute), I eat and then transform into doing the work that I love - my craft and my business. I might not create every evening but I am working on my business be it blogging, plurk, facebook, listings, promoting or just networking - I am working on what I love and what I hope can create a better life for me - just like a Butterfly.

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