Business Tips Part 22 - Craft Fairs, part 1

With the economy being the way it is more and more people are taking to crafting and all things handmade. This change is evident in the revival of the craft fair. Once typecast as a place you'd take your grandma to in order to find gift baskets and dried flower arrangements, craft fairs are now becoming a gathering spot for the younger generations and those who care about buying handmade.

If like Butterfly-Crafts your craft business is relatively new, a craft fair can be a fantastic introduction into the retail market - a chance to test out product lines and prices. Craft fairs of today are not all about selling as much as you can to make your cover fee back, but they are a chance to congregate with like-minded people and exhange ideas. Summed up, they are a great opportunity to meet, greet and sell.

Craft fairs range in size and so do their entrance or table fee so it is always recommended to research before comitting to have a table. Questions to ponder include does the fair live up to its reputation? Do your products have the right 'fit'? What are the demographics of those who attend? and, can you afford it?

Along with those questions, there is one essential question to ask: Will I be ready on time? If it is going to be your first craft fair it will be hard to judge how much inventory you should take but it is far better to have more than you need rather than too little. Aim to make as much as your time and resources will allow. As you become a craft fair regular you will be able to guage how much inventory to take with you.

Coming next time: Craft fairs part 2

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