Such talent in Europe!

Whilst I have been away from blogging (busy with craft fairs) one thing that I have done is join the Handmade in Europe Guild on Artfire and, I love it! What a great bunch of handmade artisans I am now a part of, we have a weekly chat and run challenges, have the Handmade in Europe blog, are running a tour of our studios with Flappy Flambe (more another time) and help to promote and support each other.

I thought that I would briefly introduce you to the members of the HIE Guild alongside myself we have.....
  • Babs Beads & Designs creating fantastic glass and lampwork beads

  • BlueAlmonds is a jewellery store created by Anna, a Polish crafter living in the Scottish Highlands

  • Bluetina is a jewellery seller from Spain

  • Catswire sells jewellery using crochet, wire and polymer clay,

  • Cymberrain is a fabulous fibre artist from France,

  • EddysPressies is a fellow British seller buit creating lovely woolly gifts including crochet bags,

  • Ignisfatuus is based in the Netherlands and sells handmade journals, books and magnets
  • JennyKarlssonDesign creates beautiful bags along with other items with the tag line Feeling before Fashion,
  • KittyBallistic is also a jewellery creator form the Netherlands

  • LauraCameron not only sells beautiful jewellery but stunning photography,

  • LiminalThreads sells beautiful hand embroidered items,

  • MeganJaneJewellery sells as the name would suggest - another jewellery artist

  • Welshmillie creates a variety of products including stitch markers, bags and cell phone charms,
So take a look and see what fabulous talent Europe has to offer the handmade world!

Friday, 23 July 2010 | 2 Comments


Eddy G. said...

I love being in the Handmade in Europe Guild; I've made some wonderful friends there.

Cat said...

Glad to have you in the guild!

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