Thinking about selling online? It's as easy as 1.2.3....

There are many different online venues from which to sell your handmade items long with craft supplies, vintage and design work. Frequently people ask me why did I choose Artfire over all of the others more than two years ago? Well, there are many reasons but here are my top five reasons to have a Pro shop on Artfire:

  1. Monthly fee rather than listing and final value fees – I find it reassuring that if you choose to have a Pro-studio then you pay a monthly fee on the same date every month and you can plan around it, there will be no more fees beyond that so no 20p per listing or 5% of the final sale taken as a fee.
  2. Customisable shop front – you can have a large banner across your studio and a matching avatar, the colours of your studio can be picked to match your branding (has anyone noticed how I love purple?), you can add widgets to link to your blog or even a widget to create your own categories like I have.
  3. Categories – Being able to divide my items into relevant categories rather than just having them in one big pile makes the shopping experience much easier for my buyers as they can locate items far quicker. It also helps me to keep a form of inventory by quickly being able to check any categories that are low on stock.
  4. Education! I have learned so much in terms of marketing practices and search engine optimisation because the great staff at Artfire, and there are less than 20, want to help their sellers and there is a fantastic tool called a 45 day guide which is great for getting people started.
  5. Rapid Carts – Artfire realise that you might want to promote your shop on your blog or own website. For this reason they provide a tool called a Rapid Cart which enables people to purchase directly from it, I have one on the top right of this blog, there is also a large one on my main website, it is just one of the many tools provided by Artfire to help sellers get their products “out there”.

So in a nutshell that is why I choose to sell my items on this venue rather than others. I could go on and on but I will stick to just five and suggest that if you are considering selling online to give Artfire a go. In fact, if you are thinking about it there is a promotion running at the moment to sign up and have your third month totally free of fees, so why not dip your toes into online selling
and give Artfire a try. Read more about the offer here.

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