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In times of economic difficulty you need to make every penny count and try and save as much as you can. But have you ever looked into ways you can earn money for free?

A friend of mine referred me to a USA search engine site called Swag Bucks which is basically a way to build up free money, just by searching, doing competitions etc.

SwagBucks is a search engine very much like Google or Bing etc except you sign up for an account and you are awarded a random amount of "bucks" for your searches. Not every search will give you "bucks", others will give you around 10 or others might give you 25! But they all add up.I once searched for "Facebook" and was rewarded with 49 bucks!

I use SwagBucks not only for searching but there is also a daily poll, questionnaires, tasks and for me, the easiest way to accrue the "bucks" is SBTV. For every 10 SBTV clips you watch you earn 3SB, some are really short and some a couple of minutes depending on which category you pick. I have a separate tab open at work and have the clips playing all the time, I just have to check and click into the next clip then enter the captcha.

So what do I use these Bucks for? There are loads of different options for vouchers and e-cards but the majority are for those in the USA but in the UK, in my opinion, the best way to redeem is to get up to 849SB and then claim a £5 Amazon voucher or let your bucks accrue even more and get a higher value voucher. It takes me about 3 weeks to get that number of bucks and redeem.

If you are interested in swagbucks you can sign up here, I wont lie, its my referral page because when you sign people up you get more bucks!

What are you waiting for? If you are an amazon shopper, switch your search engine and start saving!

UPDATE - Since January 2012 I have claimed well over £150 of products from Amazon for FREE just by using Swagbucks.

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