The end of a chapter

Today has been a strange day, it is the end of a chapter in part of my life, for some it would seem really insignificant but to me it is a strange thing - I had my record closed in the blood clinic of the hospital I have been attending for the past four years.

Back in July 2008 I had my first DVT in my leg, well to get technical I had seven thrombophlebitis clots in my calf and then one huge DVT in my groin. It ruined a trip to be Maid of Honour for my best friend and led to thirteen weeks off of work. But I was under the care of some amazing nurses at the anticoagulant clinic at the hospital and they got my blood under control with a few days of "delightful" clexane injections and then warfarin which I took for 6 months.

Having a DVT so young and in the place it did led to many tests to discover why and thats when it was discovered I have Factor V Leiden putting me at a high risk of clotting. But the nurses were fantastic, even putting up with my tears at not going to Las Vegas. After the six months we said our goodbyes and I stopped treatment.

That was until Boxing Day 2010 when the ticking time bomb went off and I had two further DVTs in my calf. As I explained in this blog post, there was no point being sad or cross, it was relief at the paranoia going away of getting another clot, even if that did mean I will be medicated for the rest of my life and having to deal with the complications that means. And so I went back to the blood clinic to the same friendly nurses who were surprised to see me but remembered me like it was yesterday. Again we had to go over what being on warfarin for life means and I was again measured up for sexy stockings.

Luckily my blood got under control fairly quickly and I was once again in the routine of having my blood tested every few days, and then every couple of weeks and then finally getting to every two months. I like the blood clinic in that the nurses are so friendly, in particular Nurse Sarah who is very much no-nonsense in her attitude. They always want to know what else is going on, how im getting on commuting etc.

Ive not been very well lately, I have developed something called Sacroiliitus in my spine/pelvis which has meant I have been taking some super strong medication and so had to have my blood tested today. It didnt click with me until I saw Nurse Sarah that today was the last day I would go to that clinic again because I am moving to Cambridge soon. After taking my blood she said "well then, I guess I need to close down your record as we wont be seeing you anymore" and wished me very well in my future. I know that I will be switching to a new clinic either at my new doctor or at the hospital in Cambridge, but the staff there will be strangers to me, they wont know how I feel about being on warfarin for life.

I am looking forward and very "scared-cited" (scared & excited) about my new move and my new life that awaits for me, I just cross my fingers that as this blood clinic chapter closes and a new one opens that I am lucky enough to have a new nurse as lovely as Nurse Sarah.

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Unknown said...

I feel for you. I am too on Warfarin for the rest of my life (it seems at this moment anyway) with Lupus and Antiphopholipid syndrome. I know how it feels when you have to leave the nurses/doctors who you know very well. I wish you a nice and friendly team in you new town too.

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