Stamp Storage!

Like many papercrafters I have a lot of rubber stamps - well, stamping and colouring is one of my favourite papercrafting techniques. Not only do I love to buy new stamps but I am also a member of a monthly stamp club and so get a new set through my door every few months. This is wonderful but also means I have to think carefully about storage.

Today I decided that I needed to review my storage and so I got out all of my clear stamps out on to the dining room table (N.B. I also have a box of wooden mounted stamps, a huge box of rubber mounted stamps and then another box of misc. stamps).

I have four of these storage folders by Darice (above) which are actually designed for embossing folders but I like to use them for my stamps. I sorted through the stamps into categories to make storing them easier, for example I have "men", "female", "flowers", "sewing", "gardening" and such like. It took a little while to get them all organised but when I did, I added tags to the folders so when they fit in my stamp cupboard I can easily get out the folder I need to use.

Now all I need to do is organise my other stamps now!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013 | 0 Comments

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