Handy Hippo and Me

I love buying craft supplies, what crafter doesn't!?! I try to shop around for the best deals and great products that I know will last, so when Handy Hippo put out a design call for people to write tutorials and blogs for them I jumped at the chance and was accepted.
What this means is every so often I get to write a blog or two about crafting, tutorials, papercrafting etc just like any normal tutorial, but you will be able to buy the items used at Handy Hippo if you want to. I also get to have my tutorials featured on their website which will hopefully bring me some new blog readers and reach a new audience!

Friday, 31 May 2013 | 0 Comments

Cambridge Blog Meet Up

Almost three months ago, a group of women were to be found in TaBouche in Cambridge having lunch and a good old natter about crafting, blogging and life in general. Organised by the truly fabulous Claireabellemakes it was an opportunity for us blogging types to get together and meet in a more civilised manner than through our computer screens.

The Goodie Bags (Picture from Claireabellemakes.com)
 As per usual I was really nervous beforehand as in March I was still really new to Cambridge and meeting new people is daunting but luckily for me, some of the people I was chatting with I knew through the CamCity WI. But I needn't have worried really, everyone was talking about all and everything and nothing in particular, but the biggest talking point were the fabulous goodie bags arranged by Claire and contributions from a few other attendees. I really hope there will be another meet up soon!

Lush Soap, Washi Tape, Ring from Claireabellemakes
Fab gifts from the Illustrators who were at the meet up
Crafty bits from monthly subscription craft box Crafty Creatives

The goodie bags were amazing and included more crafty things too, people were very generous to donate to our day and we would all like to thank Crafty Creatives , Homemaker Magazine, WashiTapes.co.uk, Printed.com, Graze, Tea Pigs, Dex Diva, The Sheep Shop, Stacie Swift Illustration, Ohnorachio, Harriet Gray, Lush Cambridge and Ta Bouche bar.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 | 0 Comments

Words of Wisdom from Walt

Some days you just need a little inspiration, today is one of those days and so I wanted to share this image I found with words of wisdom from Walt Disney.

When you need some inspiration, what words of wisdom do you turn to?

Saturday, 18 May 2013 | 0 Comments

Life Is Like Riding a Bike

I have a new bike, she is called Betty and soon I shall give Betty her own blog post where you can meet her all and see her in all her 'L' plate glory! But for now I wanted to share a bicycle picture I have found and am hoping that we can have something like it in our spare room at home.

I have wanted an inspirational image in the room as we use it as a craft room and also office space, along with where we stick guests when they need a place to sleep. Sadly I fell in love with a Dr Seuss poster but we can not find it in high enough resolution to print, but this one is so pretty!

What do you think? Would it look good in the spare room?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 | 0 Comments

Stamp Storage!

Like many papercrafters I have a lot of rubber stamps - well, stamping and colouring is one of my favourite papercrafting techniques. Not only do I love to buy new stamps but I am also a member of a monthly stamp club and so get a new set through my door every few months. This is wonderful but also means I have to think carefully about storage.

Today I decided that I needed to review my storage and so I got out all of my clear stamps out on to the dining room table (N.B. I also have a box of wooden mounted stamps, a huge box of rubber mounted stamps and then another box of misc. stamps).

I have four of these storage folders by Darice (above) which are actually designed for embossing folders but I like to use them for my stamps. I sorted through the stamps into categories to make storing them easier, for example I have "men", "female", "flowers", "sewing", "gardening" and such like. It took a little while to get them all organised but when I did, I added tags to the folders so when they fit in my stamp cupboard I can easily get out the folder I need to use.

Now all I need to do is organise my other stamps now!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013 | 0 Comments