I'm Victoria and I’m a paper loving, soap making, book reading, cake baking girl with a passion for travel and all things handmade. Born and raised in the UK, I currently live in Cambridge with my boyfriend Paul.

I am a strong advocate of the handmade and craft movement - if something can be made instead of bought, I will make it - or at least try! Butterfly-Crafts.com is an extension of my passion for handmade as I wanted to give people the opportunity to purchase extra special cards and handmade gifts. I am passionate about making cards as I love the way a few pieces of paper and card can be turned into something wonderful and given to someone for a special occasion and often treasured for years to come.

Crafting is engrained in my blood. I always enjoyed the “cutting and sticking” classes at primary school and I completed my first cross stitch kit at the age of six. I remember my Nana trying to teach me how to knit and I was fascinated how twisting yarn around a needle can make a jumper, or in my case a teacosy for my dolly teapot! I love to try out new crafts and pledged to myself to strive, where possible, to only give handmade gifts.

You can follow me on other social platforms if you click the links on the right at the top, you can also email me at info[at]butterfly-crafts.com