Artist of May - CCTexan

I have been thinking of ways to jazz up my blog and decided that I would feature an Artfire artist every month as a way to showcase their work. The first artisan to feature is Cindy from CCTexan3 and her wonderful jewelry shop on Artfire.

CCTexan3 is offering readers of my blog a fantastic special offer, an amazing 50% off a purchase (excluding shipping) - all you have to do is mention my blog "Butterfly-Crafts" in the comments box when you place an order!

Here goes with the questions:

1) If you had to work by a creative mission what would it be? Sometimes you are the Pigeon and sometimes you are the statue.

2) Have you had any creative disasters? Plenty! I glued my fingernail to my lip once during a creative experience.

3) What is your favourite item in your collection? Rotates continuously. I love whatever I just made and I just hope it won't sell just so I can keep it! I like big and bold pieces far better than small dainty pieces personally.

4) Sum up your collection for me It is an eclectic mix of pieces to match the many shades of a woman, her many moods and incarnations. I have gemstones to lampwork and much in bright vibrant colors.

5) Is there another craft you would like to try? Are you nuts? I couldnt afford to start another one! I love what I do fortunately.

6) What is your favourite craft store? Hobby Lobby, because of the Christian foundation of the company; the great Christmas advert I saw one year: no company name, only a huge white star in a black sky with Happy Birthday written upon the top.

7) From where do you draw your inspiration? Nature mainly, I also get inspired by the beads themselves. They speak to me. I sit in my work space, staring at the wall of beads until one whispers to me.... "come play with me" Before you nod knowingly about my lil ol voices, I realise I am telepathic with my beads . It is ok, I am weird; I will admit it.

8) What made you do this for a business? I had too many pieces to be considered healthy for any one woman who was not a head of state. I had to find a way to justify buying more beads to feed my addiction.

9) How do you like online selling? I love it. I can be flexible to be there for my daughter at school, to volunteer and work with others. I love coming home and feeling like I sold something with no effort! ( I tend to forget the creative hours, the planning and shopping, the endless photos, editing, listing and so on.)

10) What tip can you pass to a new online seller? Have fun, be as professional as possible, price your items correctly, do not be afraid to ask questions and don't get discouraged.

11) Describe yourself in 5 words: honest, faithful, generous, loud, strong-willed

12) What has been your favourite holiday? my daughters birthday

13) What's a good book you have read? The Bible followed by the Harry Potter series

14) Which season do you relate with and why? I relate to the summer because of the warmth, except when I moved back to Texas. It is way too hot. Now it is the spring and the relative coolness and lack of humidity. The regeneration of the trees and flowers in January amazes me.

15) What is a favourite film of yours? Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Well thank you Cindy from CCTexan3. And here is a spotlight of her fabulous work

Sunday, 17 May 2009 | 6 Comments


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Great interview... very fun!! Oh my gosh... she glued her fingernail to her lip... that is one I have never heard!! LOL That being said, I am probably lucky I have never done that!

siddikee said...
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Unknown said...

Beautiful work from this artist! It was fun getting to know her better!

spiritdance said...

great cc's take on life

Emily-ExquisiteStudios said...

Butterfly this is such a wonderful idea. CC I absolutely LOVE your designs. You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Great questions! CC, your answers are priceless. Thanks to both for an outstanding interview.

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