Business Tips Part 37: Feeling Exhausted?

What would you think if you were to open a magazine and see the pages full of an artists' handmade items and know they have their items in all the big department stores? I bet you'd assume they are sitting back and counting their pots of money? Right? Well not always.

The reality is more likely to be they are in their studio pulling out their hair, worried sick about how to keep up with the demand! To them, what started out as a reliever of stress is in fact now a major creator of stress.

I certainly find it difficult to step away from Butterfly-Crafts for fear of falling behind. There are always new products to make, promoting to do and business admin to keep up with. However this heroic lifestyle will take its tole. I have suffered creative exhaustion and frequently sleep issues due to worry. Other signs of exhaustion might be anxiety, headaches, restlessness and in severe cases even rashes.

I really don't think I'll be alone in saying I have been exhausted with my business, I think that all business owners probably do at some point. If they don't I'd like to know their secret!

If you are feeling exhausted is it possible you are trying to be too ambitious and consequently feel overwhelmed? Do you need to rediscover your creativity with some quality time with your beads / knitting / soap etc? Perhaps you need to set more of a routine; or you might just need a complete break.

I truley belive the only way to overcome exhaustion (beyond taking a complete break) is to recapture the fulfillment your business used to provide you. Know when you have done a good days work and then stop and relax rather than work all hours under the sun and then at weekends too.

It is difficult in this business to be all things to all people - controller of stock, designer, inventory creator, accountant, purchaser, press guru, customer services manager, agent and cleaner. If this sounds like you, perhaps you need to enlist help - more on that in a later post.

I'd really like to know what you do when you are feeling exhausted with business?

Coming next time on the 23rd April: Life in Balance

Monday, 19 April 2010 | 6 Comments


Liesan said...

I am fortunate enough to be able to not take my 'business' very seriously when I don't want to. Also, I have learned that staying true to what I want helps me prevent exhaustion, and also make my business runn better oddly enough, which means I do not spend much time promoting unless it's in a way I enjoy, and it goes against all the advises from people who ought to know but my craft is my priority not my business.

And maybe that's my key to everything, always try to keep your own enjoyment somewhere at the top of your list, I'm not talking about 'fun' though. It's not bad to do something you don't particularly like doing as long as it doesn't start to drag...

cctexan3 said...

Hiya Toots!
I agree with your post, it is exhausting being a business mogul! I did start the jewelry biz as a hobby/stress reliever and I told my mom ( who "urged" me to go further) that I would stop anytime this got to be like a job and not a passion. Some days it feels like that; so I dont do a dang bit of biz on that day.

I will take breaks as needed, luckily I have medical issues that require doc appts so those usually coincide with my need to breathe. I also have friends to lunch, shop, and read books on new techniques, gem shows to go to, etc. I love what I do. I just dont "do" the creating part all the time. is that for sitting on the fence?


catluff said...

I walk away for a few hours, hand out with friends. Watch some tv or read a book, but I try to get away from Catfluff, my alter ego.

Eddy G. said...

I concentrate on orders first. If it has been asked for then it must be made. But I have a "working day" a time set appart for crafting, and computer stuff. When that time is used up. I do "family things" It stops me from getting exhausted and fed up.

catinalife said...

It is a real juggle, I work harder at this business than I have at any other day job. Walking away from it for at least a few hours, if needed helps, I am overwhelmed, but I was aware it would be like this before I started. Going into a business with eyes wide open I knew what to expect as well from having previous businesses, if its your first business, something you may have to learn to deal with and find your balance to keep your sanity, mine is gone already so not a worry...:) Great blog.

button said...

Hi Butterfly,
Thank you. I needed this.
:o) button

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