Business Tips Part 32: Being a Salesperson

Something very important to learn with owning a craft business is that you will be the chief salesperson whether you like it or not! You have probably had to learn many skills to get your business set up but sales skills, in my opinion, are the most important.

I find it still a little embarassing talking to people about my business, especially on days when I still think of it as just my hobby but the more i talk to people about it the easier it is becoming. Always smile and make your customers, both potential and existing, feel important, but without being insincere.

Two excellent salesperson traits are being visible and spirited. Staying behind your craft fair table or visibly day-dreaming or reading is a big no-no. Remain alert at all times and ready to attend to needs and answer questions.

It is important to never make an assumption about a buyer if they enter your space at a craft show or even cross into your physical shop door. This is especially important at a tradeshow - don't even contemplate the way someone has dressed and don't ignore an independent buyer to spend more time with department store buyers. Engage with every single person and have a conversation without pushing a sale.

An important lesson to learn as a salesperson is that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore dress to reflect your brand but be professional at all times.

If you are at a tradeshow, these can be stressful enough if the future of your business rests on its success. Be ready and open for any feedback - both good and bad. You should already know that your products will not appeal to everyone so try not to get discouraged or take comments too personally - yes this is super hard I know! Don't let a negative comment or someone walking on by affect your poise. Be open to all comments as it can only help you develop.

It is enevitable that at some time in your business you will have a bad experience or a bad show but you need to learn from those lessons and enjoy yourself. Once you begin to enjoy talking about your business, others will be more receptive.

Coming on the next Business Tips Blog on Monday 5th April: Fulfilling Orders

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