Business Tips Part 29: Tradeshows Part 1

Its always good to dream big and being a small business owner is no reason to reign in your dreams. If your big goal is to sell your products nationwide then a trade show is likely to become part of your annual calendar. There are many trade shows and each usually cater to a specific market i.e. jewellery, gifts, pets, eco-products. As a rule, trade shows are mostly wholesale for 'trade' only but there are some that will include a retail element - you will just have to do some super research.

A show can run from three to five days and a broad range of retailers are represented from the tiny independent shops to the much larger department stores who often attend purely for buyer research.

If you are interested in attending a trade show the first and most important question to ask is how much is the fee? The smallest booth may set you back £750 / $1000 as they are charged by the metre/foot. The fee should hopefully cover the minimum such as a table, chair, rubbish bags and lights and then you will organise curtains, table coverings and drayage (moving your freight from your vehicle to your booth) - but sometimes it might be the other way around. If the fee scares you and you approach a friend to share the booth, best check with the organisers first as there are likely to be guidelines.

Once you have signed up, you will be issued with a contract. Before you sign it, check where you will be on the floorplan and who you will be next too, as with housing, location is key!

Coming on the next business tips blog on Friday: Tradshows part 2.

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