Business Tips Part 28 - Approaching Shops Part 2

Earlier this week we looked at the first stages of approaching shops for wholesale or consignment. Today we look at what to do once you have secured the appointment with the owner/buyer.

Ensure that you arrive on time and are dressed appropriately. Have your hair and nails done if it will boost your confidence and you can afford to have it done! Also bring order forms, samples, a catalogue, relevant business information, price list and the most important part.....a pen! I have some pens created on Vista Print that are branded with my business logo and colours, they were pretty cheap but look professional. As the buyer or owner looks at your items, sit up straight and pay attention. What feedback are you getting? Do they seem excited? Make sure you note anything down because a comment from a retail buyer is invaluable.

If the buyer decides to purchase, write up the order, discuss the terms and how long delivery will take. Once you have delivered the products, follow up with further literature so that the sales staff have an understanding. Also remember to visit the shop so that you can check out the display.

If you do not get an immediate sale, try not to get too discouraged. A buyer will need to consider the 'fit' of your product in their shop, what it may compete with, actual capacity of the shop, their customer base and your prices. Sometimes a non-purchase just comes down to bad timing in regard to the shops cash-flow, budget or simply being wary of a new seller. If you do get a 'no' for purchase, ask if they would consider a consignment, because for you, any presence in a retail shop is good business!

But, no matter if you have achieved an outright purchase or a consignment, be sure to follow up with the buyer to see how your products are selling and if they might need to reorder.

Coming in the next business tips blog: Tradeshows

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