Business Tips Part 31: Trade Shows Part 3

Last week we began to look at trade shows in terms of research and planning. Today we will look a little more in to planning how you will take orders. Imagine the week of the show has arrived and you will no doubt be excited - that's completely normal! A word of advice though when at the show - don't get too excited and misplace all of your orders, take a folder with you and keep them in there. Take the folder home every night and keep the orders safe.

Another word of caution over orders, it can be very tempting to accept any order that comes your way but you must consider three things:
  1. Realistic lead times,
  2. Quantities expected,
  3. Who do you want to carry your product line?

There is nothing worse as a seller than not being able to deliver an order on time. Keep a schedule book and enter all of the orders and be realistic - especially if you make your own products.

You may find that you are asked lots of questions about minimum orders and lead times - that's the nature of wholesale. Some buyers will ask you for a catalogue so they can place an order at another time. If this happens, as for a business card in return so that you can track any potential leads.

Unless you are superman/woman (and aren't we all!) you will find a tradeshow exhausting especially if you have no assistance. If you need to book a hotel nearby check with the organisers as they are likely to have a partner hotel that will offer a discount and a shuttle to the venue.

But even superheroes need a sidekick and I could not recomment more bringing someone with you - I would take my mum! Be selective, this sidekick will be representing your company meaning your reputation is at stake. They must know and understand your products, order terms and lead times. But having a show buddy will free up a little time for you to walk around, take a rest break and if you're like me - they will offer reassurance.

Overall, a trade show is a big step for your business. They are costly and tiring but exciting at the same time. If you are ready for the commitement - give it a try!

Coming on the next Business Tips blog on Friday: Being a Salesperson

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