Happy Mother's Day

There will be no Sunday recipe today because today is a very special day, it's Mothers Day here in the UK and I wanted to wish every mother a wonderful day no matter what they are doing.

My mum is super special to me, she is always there for me no matter what happens in my life be it celebrations, upset or health - of which there has been so much to deal with. She is finding today a bit hard as my brother is in a land far far away fighting the baddies which means I need to step up even more which I dont mind in the slightest. She has had a mothers day card (handmade of course), cards from my brother & wife and from her grandaughters and some flowers and skincare things. I am also making a rare venture into the kitchen to cook her lunch then spend time in the garden helping her sow seeds and pot plants on.

My mum is such a wonderful person because without her support (and support from my Dad too) I dont think I would have managed to run Butterfly-Crafts because she helps me at all the craft fairs and is a great people person, she comes to classes with me so we can both learn new techniques and she is the knitter and crocheter (is that a word?) and makes the wonderful beaded fabric necklaces that are in my store.

Without my mum I wouldn't be the person I am today so I wanted to say - I love you mum!

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