The thirty first challenge item!

Back in September 2010, I set myself a challenge of thirty things I wanted to strive to complete before I hit the big 3-0 in August 2012. I took a long time to finalise my list and am trying to make a conscious effort to work towards it. Many of the things are areas I want to learn and develop for example learn to knit socks, sew a dress and change a car tyre; places I hope to visit (Rome) and catch up on some reading, film watching and exhibition visiting. The idea was I would blog along the way as part of this blog so you would get to know the person behind Butterfly-Crafts. I will admit to being a bit slack on the blogging front.

The was one challenge item I went to and fro with over including within my challenge and that was to get a new job. I decided not to include this within my challenge because I didnt want to tempt fate. And if im honest, I'd been trying to find a new job for 2.5years after returning to work from my first DVT, so what difference was it going to make putting it on a list? Was that going to make it happen?

Well, actually, by not putting it on the list, it did happen! and only two days in I cant even begin to tell you the difference it has made to how I feel. I won't go in to too much detail but I cant say I particularly enjoyed my previous job, it grew mundane and of no challenge and it got to the point I felt ill just walking through the office door every day for about two years. So you ask why I was there for 3 years? Necessity - the right job wasnt ready for me yet. Until now!

I have moved on to a wonderful new place where I will continue to learn all about fundraising and development within a cultural and arts background with the emphasis being on contemporary dance. For someone who went to the ballet barre at three it is so wonderful to be in an environment I can relate to and the buzz and atmosphere I hope will be catching!

Starting a new job is always tiring, I need to get into a new sleep pattern (actually going to bed before 1am would be a good start) as it is tiring from the brain overload, and that means I cant spend as much time as I would like running Butterfly-Crafts and maintaining blogs etc. But I hope soon I will settle into a new routine and gain improved time management skills and get back to normal. So please bear with me whilst my brain wakes up again from being dormant during the day and until I can get on to a new schedule!

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