Less than 3 months to go!

I am a bad blogger, perhaps "blog frequently" should have been included in my big list! Anyhoo, there is under three months until the big day and August seems to be approaching at break-neck speed! I am not stressing over it though due to deciding last time that I would have everything completed (where possible) within my thirtieth year and therefore reducing some of the pressure.

But here is an update so far...

1.Own a sewing machine, - I have just this lunch time started to research a machine and how much I would be looking at spending. The brand Brother has been highly recommended to me so I shall see. I have vouchers for John Lewis and I am hoping the birthday fairy will bring me some more and that will help the total.

2.Learn to knit socks – I have the yarn, and the pattern. Just need to sit down and figure out dpn needles!

3.Visit Buckingham Palace – Done!!!!

4.Swim in a lake or stand under a waterfall - "postponed"

5.Own a home (the BIG challenge) – I can categorically say this will not happen in 2012 but I am working towards it. Perhaps in my 30th year I might own a tent!

6.Be debt free except from a mortgage if Num 5 happens – One down, one to go and that can definitely be done before August.

7.Visit Dickens House – DONE!!!

8.Go to a soap making workshop - DONE!!! and on sale in my shop!

9.Learn to hang wall paper – postponed until Dad wants to decorate!

10.Spend a night on the Norfolk Broads – Sort of DONE!! and going to Norfolk again in June.

11.Learn to make pastry – There will be lots of baking involved for my birthday party.

12.Learn the succession of kings and queens from William the Conqueror in 1066 – I have been given a few hints and tips on this, just need to learn it!

13.Make and wear my own dress – I wont be making my birthday dress as I will be treating myself to something very special, but this year I will be making a lovely dress.

14.Read five books from my bookshelf - Two down and three more to go! I have just finished The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society

15.Have a make up lesson – DONE!!!

16.Do something every day to make me smile – I cant stop smiling lately, I guess that's what happens when you are totally in love.

17.Learn to change a car tyre – I'm still laughing about why I included this!

18.Be able to jog a mile without stopping - thrown off course again by the problems I have been having with my back. The physio has "banned" me from the gym for at least 6 weeks.

19.Go to Rome or Sorrento – DONE!!!

20.Sleep for 6.5+ hours sleep a night consistently – Some nights are good, others are bad, and some are unmentionable.

21.Visit Giant's Causeway – Well, I'm off to NEW YORK in August so Ireland will have to wait. Perhaps a road trip next Spring is in order.

22.Have a dinner party - DONE!!! I have hosted dinner for my parents at my boyfriends house and prepared lunch for his parents too. I will have my party planning skills put to use for my birthday though.

23.Have Butterfly-Crafts mentioned in a newspaper or magazine – DONE!!!! and something very exciting is coming up in June too.

24.Sleep under the stars - I am an option in mind for this, watch this space, just need a mozzie net!

25.Live as much of a handmade/homemade/economical life as possible - I am aware of this every day and so far this year I have been making all the cards I need to send people and gifts where possible.

26.Begin to have the stamina, strength & body shape from pre-leg issues – the gym is definitely helping. I will never be a ‘gym bunny’ but I do feel much better to go after work and at the weekend for a little brain space. I really miss rowing but that’s off limits at the moment, one day though, one day.

27.Watch: Casablanca (done), Dr Zhivago (done - yawn), Gone With the Wind (done), The Philadephia Story (done), A Street Car Named Desire (done - yawn), The Godfather (done), Citizen Cane (done) and Ferris Beulers Day Off (done - crap film) so just Goodfellas and Schindler's List to go.

28.Go to a comedy club – This will now be happening when we go to NYC in August.

29.Finish my knitted patchwork blanket – This will definitely be a "30th year" project

30.Visit 15 exhibitions at museums and galleries – Well there was Handmade Tales at The Women’s Library, Afghanistan at The British Museum, Out of this world at the British Library, Eadweard Muybridge at Tate Britain, Electroboutique at the Science Museum and a few others I've currently forgotten!

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Donna said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, the swirl you asked about is called Swirl leaf by Marianne designs. oh, love your list btw, hope you get it completed soon. Donna x

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