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For those of you following my (not-very-updated) 30 before 30 challenge list you will know that one item was to have Butterfly Crafts mentioned in a newspaper or magazine, well this had been completed a while ago in the Hertfordshire Mercury due to me organising the craft fairs within our village.Not content with that, this month I have a piece in Craft Seller Magazine!!

Craft Seller is a magazine focused towards people like me who are wanting to sell their crafts and to make a business out of their hobby. A while back I was approached by a journalist from the magazine asking if I would like to be included talking about why I use Artfire as one of my selling platforms - each month they look at a different selling venue. Obviously I jumped at the chance and wrote what was required of me, I also selected some pictures which luckily I had high resolution ones to hand having been re-photographing everything for the website, I also sweet talked Paul and he took a head shot of me (although I prefer the full size version rather than this crop).

I knew that the magazine would be coming out in June but I was not sure when, as it turned out I was on holiday in Norfolk when I picked up a "tweet" that someone had made saying I was included. Well from that moment I became more annoying than a child at Christmas because I had to have a copy NOW. This was problematic as I was on a boat on the Norfolk Broads but luckily it was only an hour tour so I managed to find a newsagent one we were off of the boat and I found a copy!

I am really pleased with the piece and it is exciting to be in a magazine!!

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