Handmade Christmas Gifts

Last year I set the aim to make as many of the gifts I needed myself, or to buy handmade where possible and this extended to my Christmas gifts. I don't have a huge amount of gifts to send and so I thought making them would be a good challenge.

I didn't make everything, Barbies are rather difficult to hand make, as are picture books for my nieces, but aside from those and a couple of t-shirts, everything else was made by my own hands. You can see here what I got up to, I plan to write a few tutorials over the coming months for some of the gifts in case you would like to have a go yourself.

Cookie Jars, Oven Gloves and Apron Set, Car Tidy

Lavender Scented Hearts, Padded Coat Hangers

Decoupaged Tea Box, Lino Print Tea Towel
Decopatched photo frame, Tea Cup Gardens

Sunday, 5 January 2014 | 2 Comments


floral and feather said...

You made some beautiful gifts! I hand knitted a scarf and gloves as a gift but am hopefully going to try and make more gifts next Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You are very talented. Your boyfriend is a lucky man :-)

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