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Way back last year I learned about the Craftivist Collective and their #imapiece project with Save the Children. 

The #imapiece project was put together to help Save the Children in their quest to tackle hunger, which remains the biggest cause of child death globally, killing 260 children an hour. The idea was to ensure that David Cameron used his G8 presidency in 2013 to push world leaders to invest in life-saving interventions that will save millions of lives.

Since the launch in October 2012 and until March 2013, craft lovers across the UK got busy stitching hundreds of handmade jigsaw pieces with their messages about why tackling hunger and malnutrition is so important to them, this is my #imapiece above.

On Friday 1 March last year, Craftivists Collective held their first #imapiece installation at the People’s History Museum in Manchester. Over 600 hand-stitched jigsaw pieces came together as a breath-taking installation- a clear message to the Government that the craft community wants them to take action on hunger.

I can hear you wonder why I am posting this months after the project finished - well, the #imapiece project may have ended but the Craftivist Collective is an ongoing organisation which "exists to facilitate and encourage craftivism across the UK and around the world." Their manifesto is simple: “To expose the scandal of global poverty and human rights injustices through the power of craft and public art. And so if you are a crafter and would like to use your craft skills in a positive way, why not take a look at the various projects which are currently running, you can read all about them on the Craftivist Collective website or their Facebook page.

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