Business Set Up Part 5 - Brand Identity

Last time we looked at creating a mission for your business, this blog will talk about brand identity. By creating a brand, you communicate a message about your company to other peope. But, a brand is not just about a logo, colours and stationery but about an entire idea. If I asked you how would you like other people to describe your business, what would you say?

When establishing your brand consistency is key. Think about what your business represents and relay this in your products and photographs, website, blog, business stationery and packaging. If, for example, your logo is comical yet your website/blog is deadly serious, your message will be mixed. The brand you decide on whould not only reflect your business personality but be appealing to your customers - both potential and current.

When I first set up Butterfly-Crafts I created my own banner in photoshop and it was terrible! Then I found LibertyDoll on AF and she created me a wonderful banner. However, in July of 2009 I decided to rebrand myself and worked with LibertyDoll again to design a new set of banners and the results you can see on this blog in the header. I also use it as my banner in my AF store, on promotional materials like pens and use the avatar seen here on my promo materials. To continue the purple theme, my AF studio is purple, I photograph on a silver background with purple butterflies and a purple pen in everything. I try to carry this over to my packaging where possible, including branded business material and if multiple cards are purchased they are tied with purple yarn.

Take a look at your brand and think - is it consistent and what message am I trying to convey? It would be great if you'd like to leave a comment and tell me about your brand.

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