Business Tips Part 45: When Home Isn't Big Enough Part 2

Int he last blog we started to look at options for when home just isn't big enough for working anymore. So, now you have taken the plunge and decided to branch out into a studio/shop/office.

Remember one key thing: location, location, location. Is there foot traffic in the area to provide a good passing trade? If not, do you truely believe that your products are popular enough to pull shoppers to your destination? Set yourself regular opening hours which may include weekends and an evening opening. You may decide to hire an assistant so that they can tend to the customers whilst you renew displays and try to figure out what will attract repeat business - along with finding time to make new products!

There are some questions you need to ponder before you look for a space:
  • What purpose does the space have? i.e. will you create products from there or is it just to sell?
  • What amenities will you need? Internet, kitchen and even windows can be optional.
  • Is the location convenient and provides foot fall?
  • What is the minimum space you will need?

Also, some questions to ask the landlord and/or Estate Agent:

  • What do you get for the rent?
  • Is there access for deliveries?
  • How long is the lease and is monthly acceptable?
  • Are you allowed to decorate?
  • What is the storage capacity?
  • Are there parking spaces nearby?
  • Is there a bathroom and kitchen?
  • What is passing trade like in the area?

It can also be advisable to have a chat to other shops in the area to guage their opinions on passing trade etc. But, if you feel ready to take the plunge - go fo it and enjoy!

Coming next time: Calling it quits.

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