Business Tips Part 46: Calling it Quits

Being determined in business is vitally important, but so is the willingness to accept defeat as a possibility. The payoff in business is not immediate and even a business that thrives may suffer as trends change. It is also true that people struggle at being both a business person and crafter whilst some are too attached to their products when they should regard them as something they manufacture.

Even good things come to an end whether by slow or fast decline. You will know in your heart when it is time to move on. But first it is so important to congratulate yourself for taking your crafting hobby up to the next level. The next steps you make are entirely up to you.

You may prefer to go back to a regular 9-5 job but you will need to realise and accept some potential employers may not recognise or understand a self-started in the handmade industry you will need to adapt your CV ensuring that it reflects the skills you have developed.

You may even choose to stay in the handmade/craft field - perhaps teach your skills, write a book or take on a magazine column if it is an option. How exciting would it be to remain in the craft industry with a steady salary!

Coming next time: When you need to grow your business.

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