A busy weekend is coming!

If you are a regular follower of my blog, which I hope you are, you will be expecting a business tips blog this Friday. Well, I'm afraid there will not be one this weekend but it's for a good reason. My big brother is getting married and its an all weekend affair!

On Friday I will be driving to Wales with my parents, a good 4-5hours drive, where will will stay until Monday night. We get to help out with my gorgeous nieces (Bridesmaids) and then the rehearsal in the late afternoon. I have a reading for the ceremony so I get to reheare it.

The wedding is on Saturday in a castle near to where they live, its a gorgeous building as you can see. A hundred people have been invited and then a further 50 will join us on the terraces for drinks. Then its back to the farm for the party!! My almost-sister-in-law's parents are farmers and have a big farm where there is currently a marquee being built. After the meal a further 100 people will be turning up for the dancing! So 250 people in total - going to be fun!
It is a full military wedding as my brother is a Sargeant in the Royal Marines and there will be ten Marines in uniform so it will be a special occasion. On the Sunday, a lot of us will be back in the marquee for a Hog Roast for which we all have to make a donation to Help for Heroes, a charity close to all of our hearts in this family.
So...I wanted to explain why there will be no business tips blog this Friday or Monday but service will resume shortly.

Thursday, 27 May 2010 | 1 Comment

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Eddy G. said...

I hope you have a lovely time. speak to you again next week

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