Artisan Feature: Haffina Creations

I am really loving my fortnightly series of artisan features from my fellow Artfire artists. Today is the turn of Haffina Creations. I got the chance to interview Jennifer about her business......

1) If you had to work by a creative mission what would it be? Make things because you love to create, invest a little of yourself in every piece, never be afraid to try something new.

2) Have you had any creative disasters? Yes, heaps of them. It is part of the process of creativity in my opinion. I always learn something from the disasters, and I think it makes me a better artist.

3) What is your favourite item in your collection? It tends to change from day to day, I like all my pieces for different reasons. Currently I really love my 'Lolly Drop' earrings

4) Sum up your collection for me. The easiest way to sum up my collection is one word - eclectic. There is a real mix of items and media.

5) Is there another craft you would like to try? I would love to try making Lampwork beads or fused glass.

6) What is your favourite craft store? My absolute favourite store is online - Over The Rainbow -

7) From where do you draw your inspiration? I dont really know. Lots of things inspire me, but I guess most of it comes from within.

8) What made you do this for a business? I was making lots of things, more than I could wear. So I started to think about selling some pieces. The owner of a forum I work on opened a store on the forum, sort of kick in the pants for me to get on with it. I talked to my family about trying it out and then if it worked pushing it further. When I heard about ArtFire I realised it was time for me to get serious about selling. This is what I want to do with my life.

9) How do you like online selling? I love that it costs less than a bricks and mortar store! I have also made heaps of new friends. It has opened up new opportunities for me. Yes, it is hard work at times, but I dont regret my choice one bit.

10) What tip can you pass to a new online seller? Promote, promote, promote. Seriously, it is the only way to get your name and product out there. People will not come to you unless they know you are there.

11) Describe yourself in 5 words. Creative, compassionate, passionate, hardworking and goofy

12) What has been your favourite vacation/holiday? When I was pregnant with my youngest child we drove interstate with our 4 kids and my mum to help celebrate my Grandparents 90th birthdays. It was the first time we really had a family holiday, even though it was only a weekend. It was also the last time the whole family was together, including both my brothers. My Grandmother died a short time later, 2 weeks before my daughter was born.

13) What's a good book you have read? Terry Pratchett DiscWorld novels... any of them, I love his work.

14) Which season do you relate with and why? Summer. I was born on the last day of Summer (in Australia), always my favourite time of year, even if it does get really hot.
15) What is a favourite film of yours? My favourite film of all time is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although Star Trek movies run a close second.

Well now we have learnt a little about Jennifer and Haffina Creations, lets take a look at some of her beautiful work.......

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