Blockhead Radio

"Three o'clock in the morning and I can't frickin' sleep. I've tried showers, music, milk and cookies, wine and counting sheep. But a zillion little random thoughts are driving me insane, It's like hamsters on a wheel running right inside my brain."

No, I have not lost the plot. If you know what the above is about then you too must listen to Blockhead Radio. If you have no idea, then you need to start listening!

I 'discovered' BHR during the 48forLarry silent auction one weekend in July and they have gained me as a dedicated listener now. I really like BHR because I felt welcomed from the outset in the chat room, I may be in the UK but I get included in the chat. The others who are in chat are so friendly and it is a great place to bounce ideas around like I did recently for a product idea I had. I also love the chat because if you post a link relevant to the talk, like a blog, it will be read on air - what a great promo tool for Butterfly-Crafts!

BHR are also extremely supportive of artisans and indie musicians. It is so much fun when Rod plays songs for people when they ask (like the Tom Smith Hamster Brain song). But, apart from the chat and the community, something I love from discovering BHR, is discovering music I really like! I have often never heard of the artists as they are generally up-and-coming in the USA or I am not familiar with them. But, this past fortnight I have discovered, amongst others, Chris Huff, Tom Smith, Judd Star and the beautiful voice of Jennings who has covered Rhiannas' Umbrella in a stunning way. Its great to have an online radio to listen to whilst I work on the computer at home and now at work - thanks to our IT guy who unblocked the station feed for me!

There are not always live shows but music is always playing. The show times are always in EST time, so 5 hours behind the UK. Some I try to catch are the Morning Brewhaha with Rod and Witchy, Tough Times and Inside Handmade.

BHR also offer ad spots - people can become a sponsor for $21 a month and for that you get an ad on the live pages in rotation with other ads and a one liner read on air. There were also limited space Showcases which are now sold out, I purchased a showcase for a one off fee, I am yet to write my showcase yet but when I do, it will feature here. BHR have also bought out the BHR Artisan Directory which I will blog about another time.

So all in all, I have some serious love for Blockhead Radio, I have been included in the fold and I will return this love by continuing to listen and I have added buttons to the right hand side of my blog - go check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009 | 5 Comments


Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique said...

Well said, Butterfly... and I couldn't agree with you more! I had heard all the hype about BHR during the "48 for Larry", and for some reason was unable to listen nor open a chat room on my computer. However from all of the great things I had heard about it, I decided I wanted to check it out myself, and purchased a new computer so that I could partake. For me...It was love at first listen! Not only was the music wonderful, with several different genres in the mix, but the people in the chat room welcomed me as if they'd been chatting with their best friend all along. They are warm , genuine, funny and loving people, the kind I like to surround myself in. BHR has gained a listener for life!

~ Mzz Thang

Carrie Lynn said...

Blockhead Radio is cool! It's a friendly place and I love it:)

Huckleberry Arts said...

Butterfly Thank you some much for the lovely Write up Wow What a great thing to stumble upon in the morning and start the day We love that you have found BHR........I love what Rod has made for people to be in enjoy fun times bounce ideas, talk about life and vent if needed I love the BHR Family and the new that find BHR.........Welcome to the Family so happy to have you there

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Welcome to the BHR family, butterfly. I couldn't agree with you more on your write-up of BHR. We are sewhappy to have you in the family!
AKA BHR Biggest Fan

Skyline Candle Company said...

Welcome Butterfly! Thanks for mentioning Tough Times! A bunch of GREAT people over at BHR!!

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