Business Set Up Part 10 - Packaging

Packaging may be the last step in the design process but, it is still an important step and still requires thought and planning.

Some crafters, in simple haste to get their items listed, just stick on a quick label and this can sometimes look mismatched. Good packaging can enhance the value of your product, strenghten your brand and draw attention to the item if it were in a physical shop.

It is no good however being all packaging and no substance! You will need to find a balance between your product and packaging. What you choose need not be expensive - it just needs to look professional.

Ideas you might like to consider include printing labels with your logo, use left over fabric to make tags, include an information sheet explaining your company history and if applicable, include information on how to care for your product.

But, the number one tip I can offer for packaging is it must always be marked with your company name and logo and if space allows, your website.

For Butterfly-Crafts, I have all of my cards packaged in a celophane wrapper and if applicable a sticker saying that the card is blank on the inside. I plan to develop a sticker saying this but with my logo. I also ensure that when I mail off an order, there is a business card and perhaps another promotional item but more on those at a later date.

Friday, 14 August 2009 | 1 Comment

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Blueberry Junkie said...

Great post. I like to get creative with my packaging. I use a lot of of recycled boxes, but I turned them inside out so the blank side is on the outside. My products are packaged inside clear cello bags to protect them on their way to their destination.

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