Business Set UP Part 7 - Capturing Ideas (Pt2)

Last time we looked at developing ideas for product, this time we will look at capturing ideas and setting goals.

It is so important to seize any creative opportunity that presents itself. You might think of something when you queue in line at the grocery store or when you drive to work, or even when relaxing in the bath. But no matter when it happens, it is important to capture any idea so keep a notebook to hand.

Another important activity is to set yourself goals - both easy and hard. Easy goals might be something like choosing a location in your house from which to run your business or, writing a list of items to make ot beginning to network in forums. When I set up Butterfly-Crafts, choosing a location was really easy, the computer is in my bedroom and my craft supplies are in the spare room so I flit between both.

Harder goals often revolve around completing a project and the business aspect of your business - opening up a business bank account for example if it is necessary. Although Butterfly-Crafts has been functioning for over four months now, i still have harder goals like updating Flickr, making more of my Facebook Fan page, creating a newsletter template and consolidating my new supplies store - but more on the latter in another blog.

Coming next time on Business Set Up (friday) - How to go about researching ideas.

Monday, 3 August 2009 | 1 Comment

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Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Great tips! I have many of the same 'harder' goals you mentioned... looking forward to hearing about doing all of those!

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