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I am so excited, I get to feature a very dear friend of Butterfly-Crafts, Emily from Exquisite Studios. I interviewed Emily a while back now but here was her interview:

1. If you had to work by a creative mission what would it be? My mission is to keep the bar high and over deliver.

2. Have you had any creative disasters?-While making berries from hand-torching glass stringers, I burned the floor in my kitchen in about 4 different spots. When I was working while tired, I would lose control of the berry and drop it or I'd accidentally hit something else and the tiny piece would go flying somewhere. Yeah, you couldn't see so you had to find it by smell--melted vinyl!

3. What is your favourite item in your collection? A rainbow flourite cube bracelet. I love all my designs, but the colors there are amazing

4. Sum up your collection for me: somewhat eclectic, always fantastic

5. Is there another craft you would like to try? not right now

6. What is your favourite craft store? Kasson Variety Mart & Hardware Hank! I get all my butane from HHank. I buy local as much possible!

7. From where do you draw your inspiration? Emotions, colors, seasons, the most unexpected places--even the gas station

8. What made you do this for a business? I finally found my confidence in my abilities

9. How do you like online selling? I don't really know yet

10. What tip can you pass to a new online seller? Ask for help when you know you need it, stay positive

11. Describe yourself in 5 words: Loving, artistic, creative, hilarious, happy

12. What has been your favourite vacation/holiday? Our first-ever family vacation last year to Florida! We visited/stayed with friends who moved there and the girls loved the ocean as much as we did.

13. What's a good book you have read? Ummm, what?

14. Which season do you relate with and why? My favorite is hands down, FALL. no jacket, cooler out, and no mosquitos

15. What is a favourite film of yours? Please, there's only 1 and is and has always been "Terms of Endearment"
Emily is such a wonderful person, a true enhancement to the Artfire site. Here is a showcase of her work.

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