Business Tips Set Up Part 14 - Marketing & Publicity

Once you take that first step into the world of marketing, you must first consider the materials you use to represent your business. Your stationery communicates a message about your business therefore should feature your logo and represent your brand. My business cards for Butterfly-Crafts shown here are one way I market myself.

You may have business cards, letter-head, post cards and pens but have you ever considered a catalogue? If you only sell online you have the difficulty of not being about to directly show your items, here is where a catalogue can help. Catalogues are typically image heavy with concise item descriptions. It can also help to include company history and contact information. Bear in mind you may change your catalogue with the seasons so print in realistic numbers.

Having catalgoues professionally made can become expensive, especially if you hire a photographer, stylist, graphicdesigner and printer. Services like Vista offer calatogues if you do the work yourself.

Prior to working on the catalogue, carefully consider what it is you want to say. Planning to send them to store who are new to your product? Then a fancier presentation may be required. Handing out at trade shows as a reminder as to who you are? Then just one side may be enough.

There is so much to marketing a small business but it needn't be too complicated. Over the next few business tips blogs I will look into marketing a little more. In the meantime, why not check out the marketing department at Handmade News for some tips.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009 | 2 Comments


button said...

Cheeri~o, Butterfly,
Great article. I'd love to create a catalogue. Gonna check out Vista.
Love your blog & following.
:o) button

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

There is so much one can do for marketing!! (head spinning) This idea sounds interesting!

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