Business Set Up Tips Part 16 - Having an online presence

The primary reason for having a website or online presence is to connect to your customers! Whether you choose to host your own domain name or use a site like Artfire, you can easily create a site that reflects your company image. Having a website can maximise your marketing potential, but keep these points in mind:
  1. Include a bio so that customers can learn about you
  2. Use a domain that is not too lengthy, isn't confusing and more importantly is easy to spell
  3. Update the site frequently with news or new products
  4. Consider running a mailing list
  5. Include details of other sites / social networking you are involved in if it is appropriate

Another aspect of being online is the online communities or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Plurk. If you are looking to aggressively promote your business, social networking will allow you to post pictures and descriptions of both your business and product. Following this, you can invite your friends and customers to connect with your pages which will in turn connect to their friends and so on. As an enhancement you might also like to consider a giveaway or discount to those who join your community.

I use Facebook for personal use but I also have a Butterfly-Crafts fan page where I talk about projects I am working on, offer special offers and giveaways, show new products and brainstorm. Followers of my Twitter are able to see new listings shortly after they are created along with blog posts. Plurk is more of a social tool for me but I do use it for some business purposes.

Next time we will look a little into writing blogs!

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