Business Set Up Tips Part 18 - Being your own publicist

For most independent crafts people like myself, publicity is a good strategy when you are short on money but have some available time. But, before you rush into getting yourself known, it is important to know that getting press mentions is more about raising the profile of your business and your products than driving sales. I would love to get Butterfly-Crafts and my handmade cards mentioned in the press!

In an ideal world, you should aim to spend at least two hours a week working on publicity and getting your brand and products into the media. If it is applicable, might I suggest a trip to the local newsagent or library to research your target publications?

For magazines, bear in mind that the lead time is often three to five months and if you have Christmas products, you need to approach them in the Summer time. Take note of the Editor for the section your work would fit in and send them a press kit. Double check that the address you have found is not for advertising or subscriptions as often these are managed separately to the magazine. Once you have the information you need, write the Editor a letter, talk a little about your business and show that you have read their publication bt explaining why your product would be a good fit.

Editors are looking for something that stands out against the crowd so it is likely you will write to many editors. What ever you do however, don't get lazy and send off a generic letter or just fill in the blanks of a stock letter, tailor each letter to the editor you are writing to.

Happy researching!!

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Thanks for the tips...very helpful and definitely a must try.

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