Business Set Up Tips Part 17 - Blogging

Wow part seventeen already!

If you are after more web space for your business then a blog may be the answer. However you chose to manage your blog, whether it be business or personal, it can help keep an audience interested in you and return to view your recent posts and updates.

It is vitally important to know that blogging is time consuming and if you do it well you will need to post frequently to maintain an interest from your audience. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or the other social networking sites, a regular blog reader will search for authenticity and honesty in a posting not a complete sales pitch of new listings and special offers. If you were to use your blog as just another marketing tool then you may lose regular readers.

I have put a lot of planning into my blog and if you are a follower you will see I post business tips, an artisan feature of a fellow Artfire artist, the Crazy Marketing Train, some of my new listings and more personal nature to let my readers learn more about me as a person and artist.

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