Business Tips Round Up

I thought it about time that I return to the blogsphere and get back on track - just as my offline life gets CRAZY with craft fairs! It seems appropriate then that soon I will be blogging about time management tips as I try and learn how to productively manage my time.

Before doing that, I wanted to do a roundup/summary of the business tips series I began back in 2009 for easy access to new readers and for older ones to have a quick reference. So here goes....

In the beginning we looked at business set up and the basic necessities before thinking about finances. Creating a mission statement is an important part of any business as is establishing a brand identity.

After looking at how to set up a business we then moved on to capturing ideas (and part two) and how to go about researching new potential products. But we also addressed the risks with plagiarism.

Next up we talked about packaging and production once you have a product line established. Then was every crafters worst nightmare: pricing (and part two.)

Once you have the products you need to think heavily on marketing and promotion for which you need to have good photography. If you want to sell your craft something important is having an online presence whether that be on a site such as Artfire or your own website. Social media methods are also key with todays society and this includes having a blog.

When you set up selling your crafts as a business you quickly have to learn how to be your own publicist and a good place to start is creating a press kit. Or go a step further and hire a publicist. But no matter what you do, you need to have a marketing plan of some sort.

A method I have found great for sales is attending craft fairs (and part two), other artists find their creations are good for consignment whereas others prefer wholesale (and part two.) But the key to consignment and wholesale is knowing how to approach a shop in the first place.

Trade shows can also be good for getting your work 'out there' but also for research. Going to shows whether they be trade shows or the local craft fair, you will need to learn to be a good salesperson.

Part of being a good sales person but also running a good business is fulfilling orders to time and providing excellent customer service.

As with any business there will be ups and downs and at some point you will ponder where the sales have gone? But if you are super busy, you can end up feeling exhausted and can begin to question whether or not you have a good work and life balance.

If you find you are creating and working solidly, you may at some point end up with a creative block but other issues you may need to over come include having a baby, ans when business is booming that much you need to hire staff.

If you are successful and need to hire staff there are points to remember about being a good boss . If you are needing more staff it is also likely you will end up with home not being big enough for your production. If this happens you can be looking forward to growing your business but sometimes it doesnt all work out and you have to face reality and whether it is time to quit.

I plan to start looking at the successful side of business soon when you really need to start to manage your time well to meet your deadlines, requirements, expectations and also maintain a life outside of your creative business!

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